Testo-Enane-10 10ml vial (250mg/ml)


10ml vial (250mg/ml) of Testosterone enanthate Maxtreme

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Testosterone Enanthate is Testo-Enane-10 a synthetic drug that brings in your body an extra amount of testosterone, while the body perceives it as its own, which is why no harm to the body will not bring it.

Why do I need additional testosterone in the body? It’s very simple, it’s the main male hormone that controls metabolism and many other processes, the metabolism can provide the body with energy for physical training and they will pass more effectively than before. In addition,  increases metabolism, that is, your muscle mass will grow much faster, because to grow it you need the same testosterone, which you now have enough.


The positive qualities and effects of testosterone enanthate

Now the steroid is produced by all the leading brands and is a very effective tool for mass recruitment. Since the half-life of anabolic is great, you have no reason to do frequent injections, which is very popular with many athletes.

In addition to a fast set of muscular mass on the course of enanthate, you can also significantly increase your physical parameters. It is also necessary to remember about the positive effect of the steroid on the joints, which significantly reduces the risks of getting injuries. Of the other properties that enanthate possesses, one should speak of the possibility of increasing the erythritic blood mass and a powerful pumping effect. All this makes testosterone enanthate extremely popular among athletes-siloviki.


Combination and dosage of testosterone enanthate

Dosages of testosterone enanthate are in the range from 0.25 to 0.5 grams. In this case, professional bodybuilders can use up to a thousand milligrams for a week. We have already mentioned above that this is a long steroid and all of the above doses are weekly. Although you can get good results after the solo cycle of enanthate, athletes prefer to use it in combined courses.

Using this steroid, you have the opportunity to make a huge number of effective cycles, since enanthate is well combined with any anabolic. At the same time, we can note the most popular bundles that are time-tested and always bring excellent results.

For carrying out the most powerful cycle of AAS, you, of course, like a bunch of testosterone enanthate-trenbolone. The second drug is most often used in the form of trenbolone acetate. At once we will warn, that this combination of steroids is intended only for skilled builders. If your experience of using steroids is small, then a combined course of methandrostenolone and testosterone enanthate is better.

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