Suspension 100 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)


10 ampoules (100mg/ml) of Testosterone suspension Dragon Pharma

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Testosterone Suspension is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids that ever existed in the consumer market. This drug is a simple testosterone without addition, any esters. Due to this fact, the steroid acts very quickly on the human body. In fact, this is the fastest drug on the basis of testosterone.

If you turn to a historical excursion, Testosterone Suspension is the oldest anabolic steroid in the consumer market. It first appeared in 1930. Next on the market appeared Testosterone Propionate. It should be noted that Testosterone Suspension enjoyed great popularity in the medical environment and was actively used for the therapy of androgen deficiency in the body. However, today the use of a steroid for therapeutic purposes is rather limited. This is due to the fact that the consumer market has become dominated by anabolic drugs, which contain an ester. Therefore Testosterone Suspension, today is more popular among lovers of beautiful terrain.

However, although this drug is widely used in sports, more often bodybuilders prefer other testosterone formulations, namely Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Propionate and Sustanon 250. Testosterone Suspension is usually stopped by athletes who want to get Very clear result in a short period of time. Also, a steroid will be useful for bodybuilders who are obsessed with a certain “dead point” and can not move forward in achieving the goal.

Despite the fact that Testosterone Suspension is quite effective, a large number of athletes abandon it because of the pain that accompanies the injection. Usually, the use of anabolic drugs should not cause pain, but Testosterone Suspension is an exception to this rule. Bodybuilders who have taken the course of this drug say that the pain shock is so strong that a person can not move the limb into which the injection was made. Another disadvantage that consumers note is the manifestation of negative side effects, especially those that are of an estrogenic nature. Increased estrogenic activity of the drug is associated with the overall activity of the steroid, which prevents the management of adverse events.


Side effects of Testosterone Suspension

Of course, while taking Testosterone Suspension, some side effects may appear, although you should remember that testosterone is just a hormone that your body is already very familiar with. If a person takes this drug for therapeutic purposes, then the risk of side effects is almost zero. After all, in this case you simply give the body what it lacks. However, the appearance of side effects is still possible, so a person should be acquainted with them. The risk of negative consequences increases significantly if  is taken for sporting purposes. Especially when it comes to recruiting additional muscle mass. After all, in this case, the levels of testosterone in your body will rise very high. However, do not despair ahead of time, because in most cases all the side effects that can occur on the testosterone course are fairly easy to manage. Specifically, Testosterone Suspension in this respect is not as lucky as the other compounds of testosterone, because of its active nature and rapid effects on the body. In order for you to become familiar with all the side effects that are possible on the course Testosterone Suspension, we divided them into several thematic groups.

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