Liothyronin T3: How to take?

Liothyronin T3: How to take?

This drug – not a steroid, but is very popular among athletes. Represents a synthetic thyroid hormone (Type T-3). It used mainly by people with a lack of thyroid hormone. These people have a lot of problems, including chise fatigue, obesity and so on. Liothyronin T3 is usually available in tablets of 25 mg, 100 tablegok in a jar. Various embodiments of a concentration of 5 to 100 mg per tablet. Generally, there are two synthetic thyroid hormone -This and Synthroid (Synthroid), (T-4 type). Cytomel stronger of the two, is 4-5 times stronger than Synthroid.

The drug works by increasing the synthesis of protein, carbohydrates, fats, as well as RNA in an organism, thereby increasing the overall level of metabolism and, accordingly, the rate of assimilation of nutrients. Athletes appreciate this drug for many reasons. Due to the overall increase in metabolism of the drug provides a great fat burning. Upon receipt of Cytomel can even afford to neglect in precompetitive diet, because Liothyronin T3 continues to burn fat in spite of the excess calories.

The product leaves behind such popular fat burners as Ripped Fuel, E / C / A (a mixture of ephedrine / caffeine / aspirin) and TherrnodrirK ;. 11ri reception with Klenbutenolom is by far the best combination for burning fat (with the possible exception of DNP, see.). The product also makes use of steroids more effective due to the acceleration of protein synthesis. Unfortunately, most athletes do not know how to use Liothyronin T3 and cause irreparable damage to the body. If the drug is taken for too long or in excessive doses, the body becomes hypothyroid, and in the worst case, the athlete is forced to use the drug for the rest of his Most athletes feel safe dose of one or two tablets (25 mg) per day. This is the number you need to take about a month to avoid problems.

The drug is popular among female athletes. Women of natural causes a lower metabolism, and they need to comply with a very low calorie diet (500 calories per day) for several weeks to properly “to dry”. When receiving 25 mg of Liothyronin T3 a woman can have at least twice before the competition. This, of course, a healthier practice than starvation rations, on which sits the majority of women before the competition.

Depending on the characteristics of the organism, while taking Liothyronin T3 may develop gipertiroidiya, symptoms of this condition are: headaches, irritability, nervousness, insomnia, sweating and, in women, menstrual disorders. If this occurs, the drug should be stopped, because the body has accumulated more than thyroid hormone than necessary. All this information – just input data on the drug, more can only give a qualified specialist. This drug is not for everyone, in some cases it may be more dangerous than most steroids.

Most people need to be careful while taking the drug, and to start with small doses of about 25 micrograms per day, and every 5-6 days to increase the dose of one tablet (25 mg). Do not exceed the dosage above 100 micrograms per day. If the day of reception of several tablets obtained, the whole amount is to be divided equally over the whole day (for example, 100 micrograms to be divided into 4 portions of 25 g and taken at regular intervals throughout the day).

You also need to monitor and then to exit the loop as the amount of Liothyronin T3 is reduced, it is necessary for the thyroid gland to function properly. You can not stretch the loop by more than 5 weeks. After the end of the cycle, repeated can begin not earlier than 8 weeks, it will restore your thyroid gland function. Famous brand-name: Cynomel, Cyronine, Cytomel, Cytornel Tabs, Euthroid, Linomel, Liothyronin, Neo-Tiroimade, Ro-Thyronine, T3, Tertroxin, Thybon-forte, Thyrotardin, Ti-Tre, Tiromel, Tironina, Trijodthyronin, Trijod. Sanabo, Trijodthyr.50, Trijodthyr.Leo.

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