Frank Zane

Frank Zane is an American bodybuilder

Frank Zane is an American bodybuilder, multiple winner and three-time winner of the Mr. Olympia (won in 1977, 1978 and 1979). He is among the ten most titled bodybuilders in the history of this sport, with only Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Haney, Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yeats, Phil Heath and Jay Cutler in the number of awards. Zane is the best aesthetics, he has the most harmoniously developed musculature among all athletes of the past or the present.

Frank Zane: full biography

Frank was born in Kingston (Pennsylvania, USA) on June 28, 1942. He was brought up by strict, but loving parents. His father was an electrician and the owner of a private radio / television repair company in Philadelphia. Mother – a housewife, trained and instructed a guy in his youth. Zane’s mother lived to a very old age – 80 years old, but her father died early – at 57 years old. Frank himself explains this by his father’s addiction to cigarettes and alcohol, standing his health.

The life of the young Frank Zane was held in a quiet neighborhood. But there was one misfortune: in Kingston in the middle of the last century lived purely Catholic families, and the couple Zeynov followed the Protestant faith. It’s no wonder need to know la mejor that neighbor’s children often bullied Frank and his younger brother Adam, to which the boys had to respond with force. Therefore, the future bodybuilder, in order to be able to stand up for himself and his brother, was still a teenager engaged in sports.

The Youth of Frank Zane

frank zaneAt the age of 14, Frank Zane was fond of boxing, after wrestling, and then bodybuilding, which he liked most. The results of his first training with iron Frank describes this: “two weeks later, the muscles seemed to be pounded from everywhere.” Rapid progress has added Zeyna’s motivation to exercise physically.

Amateur training of Frank Zane for 4 years gives pronounced results and in 18 he decides to try his luck at competitions. However, in addition to Adam, surrounded by the future legend of bodybuilding, there was no one to support. From the rest, Frank heard only criticism and ridicule. The guy was frustrated, but I did not make me quit my favorite occupation. He decided to prove to himself and society that bodybuilding is capable of benefiting both moral and financial.

Zane was always interested in innovations related to self-development. This applies not only to sports, but also to psychology. In 1960, he graduated from high school and entered the university to become a graduate: in 1964 he graduated from the University of Wilkes in Pennsylvania, majoring in psychology, receiving a bachelor’s degree. But this does not stop there. Already in the period of professional performances – in 1977, Frank enters and is released from the University of California in Los Angeles.

First serious victory

The first serious victory of Frank Zane in bodybuilding happened in 1968. He wins the title Mr. Universe. At about the same time, the love of all life meets – Christina, with whom they are together happy to this day.

During 22 years of appearances as a professional bodybuilder Frank Zane has won numerous awards – more than 150, among which the most significant by their own recognition are the victories at Mr. America in 1968, Mr. Universe in 1968 and Mr. Olympia in 1977-1979 – all these are International Federation of Bodybuilding.

In 1985, Frank Zane and his wife, Christina Zane, founded and run Zane Heaven: Living in Palm Springs, California, they advise clients who wish to achieve the same physical form. Today the Zane couple settled in San Diego (California, USA), and their training center is called “Zane Experience”.

In 1994, Frank Zane was included in the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame. What is not surprising, given the merits and influence of the athlete in this sport.

The role of cult personal in bodybuilding, which gained popularity just in the sixties and eighties, allowed Frank to get on television. As a host, commentator and star, he even receives invitations from ABC, CBS, NBC and ESPN channels today.

It is noteworthy that in his already elderly years (now he is over 70) Frank Zane is still keen on sports and keeps himself in excellent shape, which confirms his account in instagram. According to the bodybuilder, he has a lot of new sports ideas and goals that need to be realized. Therefore, he is not going to throw up the training!

Train with Zane – Frank Zane

Frank Zane: career titles

Frank Zane officially finished his career in 1983, performing professionally for 22 years – from 1961 to 1983. During this time, he won innumerable awards, in which few grandees of bodybuilding can compete with him.

Here are just the victories of Frank Zane, whom he dubbed at the IFBB tournaments:

  • Mr. America 1968;
  • Mr. Universe 1968;
  • Mr. Olympia 1977;
  • Mr. Olympia 1978;
  • Mr. Olympia 1979.

At Olympia, he also took several prizes: the second in 1976 – lost to Franco Colombo, the third in 1980 – gave way to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chris Dickerson, the second in 1982 – lost to Chris Dickerson, the fourth in 1983 – lost to Samir Bannout and Lee Haney.

The anthropometric data of Frank Zane in peak form were:

  • 176 centimeters of growth;
  • 84-92 kilograms of weight;
  • 46 centimeters of biceps volume;
  • 132 centimeters of chest volume;
  • 67 centimeters of leg volume;
  • 76 centimeters of the waist;
  • 44 centimeters of the calf volume.

Some interesting facts about the athlete:

Among experts and competitors Frank Zane received the nickname “chemist”: presumably because he was one of the first to take sports pharmacology in really high doses. There is also a theory buy hgh online uk that this name was given to him for the harmonious proportions of the musculature, which he carefully grinded like an alchemist.

In 2005, Frank Zane, as an actor and consultant producer, took part in filming the movie “Look, Arnold Comes.” This movie about the life and career of Arnold Schwarzenegger, received dubious reviews among viewers and critics.

Frank “chemist” Zane, a dress with Sergio Oliva and Chester Yorton, is one of the few athletes who managed to win from Arnold Schwarzenegger in a professional bodybuilding competition.

Zane’s books on healthy nutrition and proper training are actively published in the US, even translated into foreign languages, including Russian.

Frank Zane: Course of Steroids

The fact that Frank Zane took steroids from sane fans of bodybuilding is almost unquestionable. But that’s what AAS he used, they know unless the athlete and his close environment. Approach to steroid anabolic-androgens in him, apparently, was a serious, after all the nickname “chemist” in sports do not give for skills the splitting of atoms.

Of course, you can build endless theories on the semblance of sites with rumors: they say, Frank used testosterone cypionate and nandrolone decanoate, methandienone and methenolone enanthate or trenbolone acetate and stanozolol. But we are not used to operating without an evidence base, so we will not mislead readers.

Yes, most likely, Frank Zane used the traditional for the sixties-seventies-eighties and popular today dope, such as methane and decks. But again, this is only an assumption, based on the trends of heavy sports of that era.

For the lack of specifics, first of all it is worth saying thanks to WADA. WADA have driven athletes to the point that they are afraid to think, not to speak of sports pharmacology.