Effective Cycle of Naposim Reviews

Effective Cycle of Naposim Reviews

Protein is an essential component of our nutrition, especially it is necessary for athletes, as well as physically weakened people. Consider Naposim reviews and how to use it?

What Should a Cycle of Naposim Reviews?

The average daily requirement of the human body for protein is calculated individually (1 kg of weight is 1-2 g of this substance). Athletes who bet on increasing muscle mass should increase the norm to 2-5 g. In sports nutrition stores, you can buy oral Naposim reviews, but at home it is impossible to do it. The process of creating this additive is as follows — the serum is pasteurized, and then subjected to one of the types of filtration (using methods of nanofiltration, microfiltration, ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis). The resulting substance is sent for additional processing – concentrate is prepared and subjected to aerosol drying. The powder is packaged and sent for sale.

As you can see, the process requires the use of special equipment. At home, we can only replace whey protein with milk-based cocktails. The difference between them is not only the method of production, but also the speed of assimilation (proteins from dairy products are absorbed longer Naposim 10mg pill).

To use such cocktails shortly before training does not make sense (the protein will not have time to assimilate), it is better to take them in advance (a couple of hours before the upcoming loads). They are also appropriate after training. Homemade cocktails are usually prepared with the addition of carbohydrates – these drinks can be safely attributed to the category of Dianabol. For reference: Dianabol is called a protein-carbohydrate mixture, which uses fast and slow carbohydrates. Dianabol helps to form a supply of glycogen in the muscles, provides a “long-lasting” protein recharge.

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Naposim Reviews: How To Make A Cocktail?

Any cycle of Naposim reviews is based on any dairy product (milk, kefir, cottage cheese), as well as carbohydrate supplements (fruit, syrup, honey) and other sources of protein (eggs, etc.). We offer you a few recipes. As a rule, the cooking process is as follows: first, using a mixer (blender) at low speed, a part of the liquid (milk, kefir) is mixed with dry and dense components (dry milk, cottage cheese). Then add eggs, syrup and other ingredients. Well mixed, the cocktail is whipped, including the maximum speed. Continuing to whisk, the remaining liquid is added to the drink. The size of the daily portion of the cocktail is 0.6-1 l. Drink all in one sitting can not be – should be divided into several portions.

  1. This recipe provides the body with 52 g of protein, 80 g of fat, 72 g of carbohydrates. The caloric content of this portion is 1208 kcal. To prepare a cocktail, take 50 g of honey and 60 g of grated walnut, 3 eggs, 600 ml of kefir (2.5%).
  2. The ingredients are egg, liquid milk (2.5% fat) and skimmed milk powder (1 PC/500 ml/50 g), as well as low-fat cottage cheese (100 g). You can sweeten the cocktail with a spoonful of raspberry syrup. Cocktail provides 59 g proteins, 23 g fat, 70 g carbohydrates. Caloric content of the whole portion – 711 kcal.
  3. To prepare this cocktail, take liquid milk (2.5% fat), skimmed milk powder (500 ml/100 g), blueberries or other berries (about 200 g), lemon juice (50 ml) and syrup (50 ml). After drinking the whole cocktail, you get 50 g of protein, 15 g of fat, 135 g of carbohydrates (calorie drink – 861 kcal).

If you use milk with lower fat content (0.5-1.5%), you can reduce the composition of fats.


Though the classic cycle of Naposim Dianabol in the home couldn’t be to do the equivalent is a snap. Reviews say that these cocktails are also useful.

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